Totally Clueless

You would think writing about TV we would be aware of all the shows that are out there.  Nope, not even close.  Here is another show I have never heard of that airs on a network we make fun of quite a lot – MTV.

In fairness, this one’s kind of funny.  Per MTV Totally Clueless is a hidden camera game show where a team of improvisers put contestants through a series of outrageous and edgy pranks. Each prank has four built-in dilemmas that will take the contestants on a surreal and hilarious rollercoaster ride. Each participant starts out with $500. If they don’t figure out they are on a game show, they lose $100 per round. But if the contestant calls out the prank with a specific phrase (i.e. “are you pranking me?” “This must be a TV show” “are those hidden-cameras?”) they win that round’s monetary prize.

It has an Impractical Jokers feel to it.  In fairness Impractical Jokers is better, but I think that has to do with them being older and more seasoned actors.  As MTV shows go, this one isn’t too bad.

Of course, YouTube didn’t have any clips and we aren’t yet in charge of TV so the best I can do is refer you directly to the shows website.  I watched Episode 13 which had some pretty funny scenes.