Top Ten Fall Shows with Midwest Mark

Here at MWTVG, we’re all about consistency.  Do you like how our Two-a-Days feature evolved from a beautiful seed of an idea to spontaneous 4-a-Days, No-a-Days, actual 2-a-Days and now Top 10 lists?  If anything, we’re consistently inconsistent.  And that’s something, isn’t it?

That’s what you get when three mildly overweight midwestern guys who drink a little too much decide to start blogging one day.  If there’s elegance in simplicity, we’re elegant as hell.

Since MIDWEST MIKE came out with his top ten fall shows list, I feel like I need to counter with my own, because I actually like good shows outside of fly-by-night comedies that will be cancelled after four episodes.  I can see eye to eye on some of his choices as you will see a couple of similarities, but I can’t possibly focus on new shows alone, because not enough new shows are coming out to pique my interest.

And IRONSIDE??  Get out of here.  What good is a cop who can solve crimes but can’t solve stairs?  That’s a plot hole if I’ve ever seen one…

And now for MIDWEST MARK’S version of Fall Shows I’m Looking Forward To:

10.  Sleepy Hollow – FOX – September 16th

I don’t have much faith in SLEEPY HOLLOW simply because the premise seems ridiculous and the previews don’t look much better.  Although it could be a ‘sleeper’ hit (pun intended) and I have nothing else to do on the 16th anyway.



9.  Dracula – NBC – October 25th

Based on previews, this can either be extremely good or a miserable failure with zero ground inbetween.  JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS is generally good and fits the part well, I just hope that it injects some ‘new blood’ (boom, second zinger in a row!) into the relatively standard/stale Dracula story.



8.  The Walking Dead – AMC – October 13th

Low on the list only because the last 75% of season 3 was sub-lame and torpedoed some otherwise excellent opportunities they had from the source material comic book.  With a new showrunner seemingly wanting to make a splash, I really hope he refocuses on the darker parts of the story and retools the role of the Governor to the complete psychotic sadist he should have been.



7.  The Blacklist – NBC – September 23rd

Even though THE FOLLOWING was extremely popular on FOX, I disliked it for a bunch of reasons, but primarily because the story was cliche and KEVIN BACON was either underutilized or uninterested.  Seeing the previews for THE BLACKLIST, it looks identical to THE FOLLOWING in pretty much every way, so hopefully it differentiates by an uptick in quality.



6.  Supernatural – CW – October 8th

Season seven was a disaster, season 8 improved considerably so season 9 should conceivably be pretty good.  Being one of my all-time favorite shows I’ll stick with it regardless, but it would be nice if it got good again.  And bring back Bobby for crying out loud.