To Kill a Mockingbird…

When I read that book in HS, I thought to myself “why do I have to read this book and what good will it do me in the future?”  Well, just 4 short years later (go with me on this) and it’s finally paid off.  I got to use it in the title of a blog post.  Suck it Boo Radley!

So anyway, I watched MOCKINGBIRD LANE on NBC last night and while it wasn’t as bad as some have said, it wasn’t great either.

First, you should not in any way think that you can watch this show with your kids.  It is in no way a kids show.  NBC should probably have done a better job making that clear.  No one thinks the original MUNSTERS is scary in any way and if they are doing a re-make, most of us might have thought it would be similar in style to the original.  Well.  It wasn’t.  The show opened with several children being murdered by a werewolf.  Not very kid friendly.

The rest of the show revolves around trying to explain to little Eddie that he is the werewolf and that he will kill people again and that others in the Munster family are also monsters that like to kill others, Grandpa in particular.

Grandpa (Eddie Izzard) spends the show looking for victims who could provide another heart to Herman (Jerry O’Connell) who is a Frankenstein monster that is put together with body parts from many other victims.  Grandpa finds a victim in a boy scout troop master who he murders and drinks his blood while taking his heart for Herman.

Now I really don’t have an issue with the story line of the show.  I don’t think it was great, but I don’t think it was bad either.  I think there is some potential here that could be worked with but what is it that NBC wants from this show?  It’s clear that they set out to be different from the original, and boy did they accomplish that mission.  No one will mistake these two shows for each other and unless you were told, you wouldn’t even know that MOCKINGBIRD LANE was based on another show at all.

So does NBC want this to be a comedy?  Do they want a drama?  Do they want some other kind of show that I don’t know about because I didn’t really pay attention in drama class in Jr. High?  The answer is…yes?  I think they want to try for all of it.  They want it to be funny, even though the pilot wasn’t funny, they want there to be some drama, and they want there to be some woman-love for Jerry O’Connell.

The question is now.  What will NBC do?  They said they are reserving judgement for whether or not to order this show up in to a full season.  The ratings for the show last night weren’t terrible.  They had 5.4 million viewers last night which isn’t bad for a Friday night show.  The lead-in from MOCKINGBIRD LANE even helped the ratings for GRIMM which NBC always likes to see (and, MOCKINGBIRD LANE was really just a long commercial for GRIMM since NBC ran roughly 42 GRIMM commercials during the 60 minutes of Mockingbird).

If I had to guess, I would say that NBC probably won’t do anything with this show.  They had their chance when the pilot was made 2 years ago and they didn’t order any seasons.  That is never a good sign.  The actors and writers have since moved on to other projects since their pilot didn’t get picked up which makes bringing Mockingbird to a full season even less likely.  If you didn’t watch it, you didn’t miss much.