The Tick is Returning to Amazon

The Tick is returning to Amazon

I lost a show that I am a big fan of yesterday with A&E’s crazy decision to cancel Longmire. Now I got news today that a show I thought was hysterical and canceled too soon may be coming back. There are rumors that The Tick is returning to Amazon and Patrick Warburton will be back in his leading role as The Tick.

The Tick had just 1 season back in 2001 on Comedy Central but that one season was brilliant. It has enough of a cult following that Amazon is apparently serious about bringing the show back. It’s been 13 years but I know fans will be thrilled to hear it’s coming back.

If you are a fan of Patrick Warburton, and who isn’t, then you should go find the one season of this show. It was Archer before there was Archer. It was Kick Ass before there was Kick Ass. It was…funny. The only real question is that after 13 years, will Warburton be able to wear a skin tight tick suit?

I don’t have Amazon right now but if they bring The Tick back, I might consider signing up for it. This is the kind of thing that someone who wants to compete with Netflix needs to do. Get the shows that Netflix either can’t or won’t carry and start building a fan base.

The Tick is returning to Amazon