Throwback Thursday Aerobicise

Going to mix it up a little over here for Throwback Thursday.  So far I’ve focused on looking at events from various years.  Today we are going to look at a thing instead.  One thing I’ve learned is that you guys love all things 80’s.  So instead of a specific year, let’s look a phenomenon that was so 80’s.  It’s Throwback Thursday Aerobicise edition.

Going to do the links, pics, and videos first.

1.  Wikipedia – more background
2.  Aerobicise – official website (it’s safe FYI)
3.  YouTube – clip of Traci Lords doing Aerobicise (borderline FYI)

Aerobicise3 Aerobicise1






Aerobicise Videos


Reading Wikipedia about Aerobicise was kind of interesting.  It started back in 1981 when an American “erotic photographer” created the first sexually implicit exercise program. The photographer was a guy named Ron Harris who had done work for fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Cosmo.

Originally, the show was broadcast on cable television. It was even nominated for an ACE award (Award for Cable Excellence).  Yeah I vaguely remember those, but I still had to look up the reference.

According to the Aerobicise main website, there’s been $24 million dollars of world wide sales.  The site boast that no other exercise video has ever come close to the fame and success of Aerobicise (I’d argue that P90X has come close).

Of course, non-nude can only take you so far and in 1995 Ron Harris released a video called Totally Nude Aerobics.  He then collaborated on several programs for Playboy like Ron Harris’ Up-Close and Dangerous (that had to suck FYI).

As if that weren’t enough, Ron Harris launched in 1999 and adult oriented website that introduced us to “Ron’s Angels”.  These were models that would offer to sell their eggs at auction.  Bids ranged between $15,000 and $150,000 depending on the model.  Ron described the project as Darwin’s natural selection at it’s very best.

Anyway, the guys sounds like he might be a creeper but if you were alive in the 80’s you certainly remember this phenomena.