Throwback Thursday 1999

Throwback Thursday 1999As I sit down to write this week’s Throwback Thursday, the Kansas City Royals are 1 game away from being World Champions.  It drives me insane as like 90 people live in Kansas City verses a bajillion in Chicago and the Cubs haven’t even played in the World Series since 1945.

Well all that will change when the Cubs announce the signing of Joe Maddon to finally lead our team out of the wilderness.  Him even signing with the Cubs I believe was mentioned in Revelations as one of the signs of the end of days.

Enough about the Cubs, its Throwback Thursday 1999.


World Events

clinton lewinski 9871.  President Clinton impeached and acquitted
2.  12 kids killed in Columbine shooting
3.  World awaits end of the world due to Y2K
4.  NY Yankees World Series Champs (booooo)
5.  JFK Jr dies in a plane crash off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard
6.  Blair Witch Project released
7.  Mr. Coffee Joe DiMaggio dies
8.  Nelson Mandela steps down as president



I say this every week, but honestly the list of shows is impressive.  Especially Freaks & Geeks.  The show only had 18 episodes but look at the cast – Seth Rogen, James Franco, Busy Phillips, and Brian Segal.  It’s embarrassing that 2 Broke Girls has been on longer.

freaks and geeks9871.  Law and Order SVU
2.  Family Guy
3.  The Sopranos
4.  Freaks and Geeks
5.  The West Wing
6.  Futurama
7.  SpongeBob SquarePants
8.  Curb Your Enthusiasm



Everyone knows that music was perfected in the 90’s under the genre of alternative music.  Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Chili Peppers, etc, etc.  Now we have wannabe soupy groups like Cold Play.  Below are some of my favorites, but here’s a link to the top 100.

britney spears1.  Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
2.  Every Morning – Sugar Ray
3.  Slide – Goo Goo Dolls
4.  I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys
5.  All Star – Smash Mouth
6.  Smooth – Santana feat. Rob Thomas
7.  Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry
8.  Summer Girls – LFO
9.  Lullaby – Shawn Mullins
10.  Out of My Head – Fastball


Hot Women

Sarah Michelle Gellar

sarah michelle gellar(Ranker) or (Mandatory)






Jennifer Aniston

jennifer anderson987(Heavy) or (Ranker)

(YouTube) – her striptease scene






Jennifer Love Hewitt

jennifer love hewitt(Heavy) or (Ranker)

(YouTube) scenes from The Client List





Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone6987(Joblo) or (Hollywood Life)

(YouTube) compilation






Salma Hayek

salma hayek987654(Heavy) pictures

(PBH2) gifs

(YouTube) sexy compilation







And so wraps another edition of Throwback Thursday.  As always, we welcome your comments and questions.