Throwback Thursday 1995

So last Thursday was Thanksgiving and I took the day off which meant of course no Throwback Thursday.  But I’m back with this weeks edition and we are going to hop in the wayback machine and set the year to 1995.  So come take a stroll with us down memory lane as we do Throwback Thursday 1995.

World Events

OJ Trial1. OJ Trial begins in California
2.  Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 people
3.  First Americans arrive at Mir Space Station
4.  Nerve gas attack kills 8 in Tokyo subway
5.  PM Yitzhak Rabin slain by Jewish extremists
6.  Million Man march on Washington occurs
7.  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland
8.  Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead dies



Link to top 100 songs of 1995, below are some of my favorites.

seal19951.  Kiss from a Rose – Seal
2.  Run Around – Blues Traveler
3.  Hold My Hand – Hottie and the Blowfish
4.  Strong Enough – Sheryl Crow
5.  As I Lay Me Down – Sophie Hawkins
6.  Roll To Me – Del Amitri
7.  Carnival – Natalie Merchant
8.  Tootsie Roll – 69 Boyz
9.  Waterfalls – TLC
10.  Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex



Link to top TV shows released in 1995, below are some of my favorites.

xena11ew19951.  Xena Warrior Princess
2.  JAG
3.  Mad TV
4.  The Drew Carey Show
5.  News Radio
6.  Caroline in the City
7.  Mr Show with Bob and David
8.  Cybill
9.  Ned and Stacy
10.  Baywatch Nights



Hot Women

So many to choose from, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order).


Daniela Pestova

daniela-pestova1995Let’s start our look at hot women of 1995 with an SI Covergirl.  I’m not going to lie, of all the models they’ve had over the years, I’m not as familiar with her.

(The Place) – top pics

(YouTube) – swimsuit modeling videos

(Nudography) – has she done nudity?



Princess Diana

princess-diana-1995Laugh at me all you want for putting Princess Diana on the list but I always had a thing for her and she was at her best in 1995.  She died in a car crash the next year.

(Fan Pop) – top pics

(YouTube) – 45 min clip about her life

(Nudography) – I’m not even linking it out of respect to her and you know the answer.




Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell 1995We get the stats over here and know you guys are all in love with Catherine Bell.

(Fan Pop) – top pics

(Daily Motion) – Goes NSFW at about the 2:00 minute mark

(Nudography) – has she done nudity?


Christa Miller

christa-miller-1995When you write your own blog you get to pick who you want on your list.  I know she’s not the “hottest” chick out there, but there’s something about her and it’s my blog so she makes the list.

(Fan Pop) – top pics

(Joblo) – 2’fer with her and Sarah Chalke

(Nudography) – has she done nudity?



Debra Messing

debra-messing-1995I didn’t like Ned and Stacy back in 1995 but it did give us Debra Messing at least.

(Ask Men) – top pics

(YouTube) – photo montage

(Nudography) – has she done nudity?



Sheryl Crow

sheryl-crow-1995She had a top hit in 1995 and is smoking hot earning her a spot on the Throwback Thursday list.

(Maxim) – best pics

(YouTube) – Picture video with Kid Rock

(YouTube) – her in a bikini on vacation

(Nudography) – has she done nudity?



And so goes yet another Throwback Thursday.  As always, we welcome your compliments but not your complaints.