Throwback Thursday 1959

This is my 5th installment of Throwback Thursday and so far I’ve stuck with a theme of 9’s.  You know 1969, 1979, 1989, etc.  So because I’m a simple man, this week’s throwback is to 1959.

As this was 10 years before I was born, I had to do some deep research on this year.  In doing my research is really does seem like a simpler time.  Anyway, on to 1959….

World Events

Alaska1.  Alaska and Hawaii admitted as states
2.  Buddy Holly dies in Day The Music Died plane crash
3.  Barbie doll goes on sale
4.  Castro takes over Cuba
5.  Grammy Awards begin
6.  Frank Lloyd Wright dies



I’m not a fan of music from the 50’s.  Too sappy for me.  Here’s the top 100 songs as well as some of my favorites.

Mack the Knife1959


1.  Mack The Knife – Bobby Darin
2.  Kansas City – Wilbert Harrison
3.  Donna – Paul Anka
4.  So Fine – Fiestas
5.  Battle Hymn of The Republic – Mormon Tabernacle Choir




As it was 1959 I assume you had to go to the movie theater to watch TV.  I hadn’t heard of a lot of the shows on the list (here’s a link) but here are some of the ones I’m familiar with.

Peabody and Sherman19591.  Peabody & Sherman
2.  The Rebel
3.  Dennis The Menace
4.  The Untouchables
5.  Rawhide
6.  Twilight Zone


Hot Women

I know most of you haven’t written more than 140 characters in a long time let alone do research on hot chicks from 1959.  It wasn’t easy, but here’s what I came up with.

Marilyn Monroe


Not a lot of explanation needed about Marilyn.  She was in Some Like It Hot which is from 1959.

Biography.Com – her bio and pics

Pinterest – best photos

Nudograpy – has she done nudity



Lee Remick

leeremick0520dddLee Remick would be hot by today’s standards and earns her place on the list for her performance in Anatomy of a Murder.


Lenin Imports – Best pics I could find

Nudograpy – has she done nudity






Eva Marie Saint

Eva_Marie_Saint_dressEva Marie Saint lands on this list for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.


Pinterest – best pics I could find

Nudograpy – has she done nudity




Jayne Mansfield

Jayne-Mansfield-pin-up-for-July-4-1953-1Jayne Mansfield was a sex symbol of the 50’s & 60’s.  She squeaks onto the list with a 1 episode TV appearance in 1959 on a show called After Hours.


Ranker – top 20 pics

The Place – tons of pics

Nudograpy – has she done nudity



Brigitte Bardot

brigitte-bardot-09-e1281369759304Brigitte Bardot also wasn’t in anything notable in 1959, but she was in a few things according to IMDB so she makes the list.


Pinterest – bunch of pics

Ranker – top 20 pics

Nudograpy – has she done nudity