They’re Felony Charges, Charlie Brown

charlieIn what could possibly be divine inspiration for the latest and greatest CHARLIE BROWN special, the original voice actor for the animated character was sentenced to one year behind bars for stalking and domestic violence.  PETER ROBBINS was given 10 years probation, a $15,000 fine, restraining order and a year in drug and alcohol rehab facility for his arrest in January.  Do you think he yelled “Aaugh!” when they cuffed him?  That would be one dashboard cam shot I would pay to see.  Forget you and your “standing on American soil” antics, REESE WITHERSPOON…

According to the police, Robbins was angered about his girlfriend not returning his car and dog.  So what else would a grown man do than threaten to kill her and her son?  Sounds like a pretty rational response to me.  He also followed and threatened her plastic surgeon to demand a refund for a botched boob job. 

Oh Charlie, how the years have been unkind to you.

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  1. Midwest Mike // May 9, 2013 at 3:48 pm //

    I blame that bitch Lucy. Charlie probably has PTSD from all the times she has pulled the football.

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