Theme Songs – Ben & Kate

We have discussed the topic of favorite theme songs in the past, but want to add a new one to the mix.  BEN & KATE is a freshman comedy that we here at MWTVG have really come to love.

Anyway, I really appreciate the theme song to this show. It was composed by Michael Andrews, who is best known for his remake of the Tears For Fears song “Mad World.”  As of today, that video has over 53 million hits on Youtube.

It’s interesting that if you search the web you cannot find this song.  I have been looking for a few weeks now.  So I took it upon myself to record it last night on my phone (I apologize for the relatively poor quality, but you will get the gist).  I’m not here to argue that it is one of the greatest of all time.  Rather, as shows have gone away for the theme song, this one stands out to me right now as being pretty good.

Ben & Kate Theme Song

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  1. Love this song as well

  2. Sorry to all, had it marked private on Youtube. I’ve since changed it.

  3. The screen reads: This video is private. Do only your “special fans” get a viewing?

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