The Wedding Band

Ok, let me be honest.  I watched TNT’s new show THE WEDDING BAND because I thought it would be easy for me to make fun of.  I wrote about it in preview already and based on their trailer for the show, I didn’t think it looked good.  Well.  I was umm, kind of wrong?

I say I’m kind of wrong because the verdict is still out but right now, after seeing the pilot, I am willing to watch the next episode to see how this show develops.  I was very pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate it and that I found myself actually enjoying it.

The show has a very familiar plot, a group of guys that don’t want to grow up that play together in a wedding band (WEDDING SINGER?).  The lead character Tommy, played by the ever-dreamy Brian Austin Green (don’t act like you don’t know who he is), is a guy in his late 30s who leads a wedding band and is an incredible womanizer.  While his character is not new, we’ve seen it in WEDDING CRASHERS (minus the band), he does a good job playing it.  We know from his rap career that he has musical talent and in this show, it comes through.  The music the band plays is actually not bad and is pretty enjoyable.

The rest of the band is played by characters we’ve seen before such as the married guy who has to lie to his wife to get to play in the band (OLD SCHOOL), the guy who plays the Jack Black Character (any Jack Black movie), and the black guy (played by Harold Perrineau who is currently having an amazing run on SONS OF ANARCHY as Damon Pope) who is the only really talented performer in the band (any 80s movie) but again, it all works.  They characters are cliche but I didn’t find myself caring.  The show was actually somewhat entertaining and I am as shocked as anyone.

The final cable ratings for Saturday haven’t come out yet so I’ll be looking to see what America thought of the show but for now my verdict is, DVR it and give it a watch when you have time.  It’s a Saturday night show so what else are you going to be doing?

THE WEDDING BAND airs on TBS on Saturdays at 9pm.  You can watch the premiere episode online here…