The Walking Dead – Walk With Me

Guess what??  Merle’s back!  For real this time!!

In a poignantly Rickless episode, we revisit MICHONNE and ANDREA to slow everything waaaaay down and introduce a couple of story elements that will surely have major effects in the future.

After a military helicopter crashes in the woods, Michonne and Andrea (and undead company) are scooped up by a group of living folks headed up by ‘THE GOVERNOR’ (played by British actor DAVID MORRISSEY) and an unsurprisingly living Merle.  The next 35 minutes or so take place in a Pleastville-ish fortified town called Woodbury where The Governor governs a seemingly drab group of folks leading seemingly normal lives.  Merle looks like he’s had the ASH/EVIL DEAD 2 treatment of his severed hand complete with bayonet attachments and is still every bit as pissed at Rick.

What seems fairly normal goes south after a while when the sole survivor of the helicopter crash tells the Governor where the rest of his military detachment are camped.  Going to ‘save’ them, he instead ambushes and kills them all taking their weapons and equipment.  Having a victory cocktail back at his home, he unlocks a secret door and sits in an easy chair in front of several fishtanks full of severed zombie heads and the freshly severed head of the crash survivor.  Turns out that this guy has more than a couple of screws loose.

So why did The Governor wipe out the military guys but not Andrea and Michonne?  I’m taking a stab in the dark here, but the difference is that Andrea and Michonne are chicks.  So now the Woodbury militia are armed to the teeth and unknowingly down the road from Rick’s prison… the two are bound to collide sometime soon.

This episode was significantly slower than the last two, but it pretty much had to be with all of the new characters introduced.  I’m just hoping that they don’t repeat the same mistake as with last season’s farm time.

3.9/5.0 overall.