The Walking Dead – Season 3 Finale

urlLet me just cut to the chase:  I call major shenanigans on this entire season.  The finale, which for all intensive purposes should have been jaw-droppingly epic, crumbled hard out of an infuriating sense of uneventfulness.

To add insult to injury, we have now deviated so far away from the original storyline that it is merely a hazy bastardization of what it should have been.  I hate hating on THE WALKING DEAD.  I truly love the show.  But there has hardly been any redeeming value in it for the majority of the season and dare I say that I see the writing on the wall for it to end completely after season 4.  The end of the episode was much more like the end of a series rather than a satisfying cliffhanger into the upcoming fourth season.  And honestly with how bad it was, I can’t say that I’m looking forward to it coming back in the fall.

Spoiler alert:  yet again, nothing really happened.  Minus the inevitable death of Andrea at the hands of zombified Milton (which was mildly cool) and the Governor mowing down the majority of his people after a badly botched and completely anticlimactic invasion of Rick’s prison.  The Governor didn’t die (massive failure), none of Rick’s group died (massive failure #2), and they essentially adopted all of the women and children from Woodbury and moved them into the prison (the most massive failure of them all).

At the same point in the comic, the prison is badly destroyed and overrun with zombies as most of Rick’s gang is either dead or lucky to have escaped.  The Governor, after throwing Tyreese’s severed head towards the prison gates stages a full-on assault and is ultimately assassinated by one of his own out of pure grief-stricken guilt when a stray bullet killed both Judith and Lori as they made a desperate attempt to escape.  The only known survivors are Carl and Rick as they huddle together outside of the prison walls slowly being surrounded by walkers.

The point here is that it is meant to underscore the desperation of the realities of living in this situation.  What the difference is between the walkers being the ‘walking dead’ or Rick and his group realizing that they are truly and inevitably the ‘walking dead’.  Or what is more cruel and bloodthirsty, the zombies or the human survivors.  Where seasons 1 and 2 left off on a relatively hopeful note, season 3 should have been full-on desolation, hopelessness and misery.  What did we actually get?  A total misfire.

The season finale gets a D, boosted a tad only because they finally killed off Andrea.  The season as a whole?  D+ only because of the first several episodes being flawless.  Allow me to bring my prior point back to light… cut literally everything from Lori’s death until the end of the season, and you would have lost not one iota of the plot or overall storyline.  I demand a do-over, and hopefully SCOTT GIMPLE is capable of flexing much more than GLEN MAZZARA ever was able to.

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  1. Spoiler alert: Andrea actually dies this episode, not Lori.

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