The Walking Dead – Say the Word

And the word is:  “Plot Development”

This week’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD clearly wasn’t able to match last week’s intensity, but that is certainly not a bad thing.  It opens with The Governor spending some quality time with his daughter.  Did I mention his daughter is a zombie?  Well she is, and it looks like he keeps her chained up somewhere in the house.  Possibly in the zombie head room?  Regardless, it confuses the situation with the Governor even further as we have yet to decide whether he deserves our loathing, disgust or sympathy.

Back in prison, nobody in the group thought about preparing for the inevitable with Lori being eight and a half months pregnant, so Maggie and Darryl go on a quick formula and diaper run.  Meanwhile, Rick flips out and goes on a zombie axe-murder spree to let off a little steam.  Important to note that everybody thinks Carol is dead from last episode, but nobody has been able to find a body.  Methinks she’s still alive.

Over in Woodbury, Michonne finds a treasure trove of captive zombies and slaughters them all samurai-style.  The Governor and his people are doing some sort of experiments on them, hypothetically to find a cure for the Governor’s zombified daughter.  Michonne finally has enough with all the thinly veiled strangeness in Woodbury and leaves town without Andrea.  Later that night, the town gathers for an MMA-style cage match with walkers acting as the cage.

A solid continuance of a great season so far.  4.5/5


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  1. Ok like reading your insight on the show. Keep it up.

    • Midwest Mark // November 12, 2012 at 1:20 pm //

      Hey Otis! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on posts… good to see some fellow Walking Dead fans floating around out there 🙂

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