The Walking Dead – Prey

imgresIt is clearly established that everybody in the world hates Andrea.  In fact, the newly minted Pope Francis I is a huge WALKING DEAD fan and allegedly leads his flock to petitionary prayer-athons for Baby Jesus to personally guide Andrea into a sea of hungry walkers.  In full disclosure, I may or may not be embellishing the last part a bit.  So what are the show creators to do with all of this?  How about present an episode focused almost solely around Andrea and then not kill her.

At least we get a little more action than episodes past.  The episode started off about as slow as it could but really kicked into high gear with The Governor hunting down Andrea in a warehouse with a shovel.  It was an extremely suspenseful sequence not because the viewer is worried for Andrea’s safety, rather fearful for The Governor’s failure.

On a side note, what the heck is going on with The Governor’s fancy new coat?  He looks like some sort of funky emo-pirate.  Let’s chalk it up to failure on the part of the costume department.  There were moments where it felt more like the beginnings of a Captain Morgan commercial than one of the last three episodes of the season.


Hey Governor, got a little Captain in ‘ya?

We also finally see The Governor fly straight off the sanity rails and right into crazytown as his latest betrayal by Andrea leads his typical calm demeanor to completely fall away.  While the brunt of his anger is aimed towards Michonne, Andrea falls in as a suitable replacement.

Breakdown and predictions inside!

So now for the crux of this episode:

Milton tells Andrea that The Governor intends on murdering everyone at the prison regardless of the outcome of their meeting.  She flirts with the idea of killing him, but ends up fleeing the town to make her way back to the prison.

Tyreese starts to figure out that there’s something fishy in Woodbury when they leave to pick up a horse trailer full of walkers.  Somebody sneaks back that night and burns all of them inside and outside of the pits.  Although The Governor assumed it to be Tyreese, it was more than likely Milton.

The Governor catches up to Andrea as she runs and goes hunts her down in a warehouse with a shovel.  He finally finds her but she lets a group of walkers loose and flees thinking he would die.  Not so quickly (she’s obviously never seen ZOMBIELAND… where was the ‘double tap’???), he grabs her right when she reached the prison and dragged her back to his torture chamber he outfitted for Michonne.

I would give this episode a “B” overall.  Best scenes revolved around the hunt for Andrea.  Everything leading up to that was slow and uneventful.

Weekly hashtag:  #outtathere

At this point, there’s only two more episodes left in the season (insert sad face here).  That being said, I expected this one to be a little bit more eventful than it was.  How it can all rectify quickly is beyond me, especially because the previews for the next episode looks like yet another set-up for the big battle.  In my opinion, the battle itself can last an episode or two unless for some reason the Governor is still left alive by the end of the season.  We are going so far away from canon here that a twist like that would hardly be surprising.

But hopefully that isn’t the case.  These last two episodes can be done extremely well if they wanted to be.  Here are my predictions (humongous spoiler alerts ahead):  The Governor is for sure going to sacrifice somebody to taunt Rick.  In the comic book it was Tyreese (who was beheaded in a totally awesome way by The Governor with Michonne’s sword) and it can hypothetically still be Tyreese.  After tonight, I can see another possibility here that would give much more fan service:  How about that head being Andrea’s?  If The Governor does in fact off Andrea (or an Andrea/Tyreese combo), then the only sensible person to kill him would be Milton.  If I’m totally off base here, then Andrea is still set up to be the one to betray and kill him.  Any way we slice it, I think it’s clear that Andrea needs to be not-living in two weeks or less.

More than a couple of Rick’s group are going to die in the process for sure.  Hershel’s blonde daughter Beth, for instance as well as potentially Hershel himself.  I can halfway guarantee that Darryl isn’t going anywhere, but I can see Merle being expendable.  Glenn and Maggie will more than likely escape in the RV and be back to fight another day.  Carol might as well have died halfway through season 2.  Carl will obviously be just fine.  As far as the more sensitive part of the comic (Massive Spoiler Alert #2) being the death of Rick’s baby daughter, I can see that going either way.  Quite frankly, this season has been much too tame to go there.  But at the same time (since Lori is already long dead at this point), the bullet meant for Lori/Judith could instead kill Beth/Judith which would put Milton over the edge to end The Governor for good.

And then what of Michonne?  There seems to be need for some sense of finality to The Governor’s obsession with Michonne, but I don’t think there will be enough time for it to go that far.  We can be very confident that Michonne will live past this season, so that plot line will probably just be left to drop.

So… two more episodes in the season.  Am I crazy in my predictions?  Any other theories to combat mine?  Please do share below!