The Walking Dead – New Showrunner Announced

scottgimpleHopefully putting an end to this THE WALKING DEAD showrunner nonsense (part 2) after GLEN MAZZARA parted ways with the show a few weeks ago, SCOTT GIMPLE has been tapped to take over and start work on the fourth season in the next few weeks.  Scott has been with the show as a writer and supervising producer since the start of season 2 and is allegedly a huge fan of the show staying aligned with the source material.

This point could have been one of the reasons why Mazzara parted ways with THE WALKING DEAD because allegedly he and creator ROBERT KIRKMAN did not see eye to eye on the direction the show was taking.  Whatever that means and what implications it has on the continuance of the show, we shall see when Gimple officially takes the reins.

On one hand, I’m glad that they chose somebody who is internal to and passionate about THE WALKING DEAD to replace GLEN MAZZARA.  It’s just unfortunate that it had to happen at the current pinnacle of the show’s success.  On the other hand, SCOTT GIMPLE did write the movie GHOST RIDER SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE which is one of the worst movies I have seen to date.

Fear not for the back half of season 3… GLEN MAZZARA is sticking around for post production.  There are some rumblings that the problems with Mazzara become ‘abundantly clear’ in the second half of the season, so hopefully it doesn’t turn into what the first half of season two was…

So what does all of this mean for season 4?  What it means is that we need to savor the remainder of season 3 before we worry too much about such things.  Rest assured your steadfast and intrepid MWTVG will be all over it.