The Walking Dead – Made to Suffer

I am still mildly stunned by tonight’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD.  If I could rate it with words, one of those words would be “holy” and the next word would be the exclamatory curse of your choice followed by a satisfied chuckle.

And what a clever choice of title, as all of us “THE WALKING DEAD” fans are made to suffer through the ridiculous 2-3 month lull called a midseason break.  And how bittersweet it is, especially when the third season is entirely superb thus far, and putting pieces together from the little I know about the source material comics it’s going to be a doozy of a post-mid-season break.

Also bittersweet in part because my Midwest Wife made the terrible choice of buying both chocolate fudge frosting AND animal crackers in the same trip and needless to say, my stomach is being made to suffer in delicious sugar-laden misery.

Much more inside:  

We are introduced to comic-fan-favorite Tyreese (played by CHAD COLEMAN most famously as Cutty from THE WIRE) and his ragtag group of zombie apocalypse survivors who are on the run through the woods and happen upon the rear of the prison where a gaping hole in the fence let them inside.  Note to Rick:  time for a little fixer-upper when you get back from shooting up Woodbury.

The scenes between The Governor and his daughter are both sweet and heartbreaking, as we see the often unseen side of DAVID MORRISSEY’S character.  He changes her clothes, he brushes her hair, he brings her fresh meat… and all the while he genuinely still loves her and holds out hope that there is some part of her left in her zombified shell.  Keeping her chained up just out of arm’s reach and yelling at her “Look at me… LOOK AT ME!” was an amazing scene, and I do need to say that Morrissey pretty much stole the entire episode with his solid performance throughout.

Now to Glen and Maggie.  Captured and have no weapons?  Glen improvises with a walker’s sharpened radius and ulna which Maggie promptly buries in the neck of a guard as they try their best at escaping.  Luckily Rick and group weren’t that far behind and get them away from their captors.  Glen is in real bad shape and they just barely make it out of Woodbury at all, save for a dead Oscar and a missing Daryl and Michonne.

Michonne took a moment to sneak into the Governor’s home to wait for him and kill him, but ends up finding his head room and his captive daughter.  The Governor came home just in time to beg Michonne to not kill her, but Michonne runs her through with her sword and gets into a massively awesome fight with the Governor where he ends up losing his eye on a shard of glass.

It is interesting to note the muddling of supposed good guys and bad guys this season. Rick being the ‘hero’ of the show thus far is made to look a bit douchey by killing a bunch of Woodburians in his mission to save Glen and Maggie.  On the other hand, the Governor is clearly a bastard… but is it all because he is nothing more than a loving father to his helpless zombie of a daughter?  And is Michonne one of the “good guys”, or is she merely a self-serving and calculated killer?

At the prison, Axel takes his hand at hitting on Beth “You got the short hair, you’re not a lesbian?” Ok, so give the guy a break… he’s been locked up with a whole lot of dudes for a long time.  Carl hears Tyreese and his group from somewhere in the prison and leaves to help save them.  Which he does in his awesome little Carl way, and brings them back to a safe cell block.

A missing Darryl means a captured Darryl who is brought before the town as a prisoner of war.  The Governor, now donning a gauze eyepatch (alluding to his ever-so-famous/infamous look in the comics), falsely accuses Merle of being a traitor and leaves them both to the chant of “kill them” by the whole town.

Quick TALKING DEAD sidenote… post episode talkshows are for THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF… [Miserable Husbands], not a manly show like THE WALKING DEAD.

Hashtag of the week:  #Headcount

Douche of the week:  Still Chris Hardwick

So now we need to wait until February for new episodes.  February?!?  I call shenanigans.  As far as “Made to Suffer” is concerned, it was yet another outstanding episode dominated by DAVID MORRISSEY and his fantastic portrayal as The Governor.  5/5.

By the way, for those of you out there who have not yet caught on to this show, there is a New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day marathon of THE WALKING DEAD from season 1 episode 1 until tonight’s midseason finale. I strongly recommend picking it up if you haven’t already.