The Walking Dead – Killer Within

If I could only use one word to describe this week’s WALKING DEAD episode it would be “wow”, although that would make for a fairly short and boring post.  Being a semi-professional writer on such an esteemed blog, I take it upon myself to gussy up that “wow” into several paragraphs worth of compelling content.

So, let’s put it this way: this was easily the best episode so far in the season, and I would make a very strong case that this is the single best episode of the whole series.  As the credits rolled after it was over I was stunned, my wife was in tears and my daughter (a budding horror junkie herself) could only communicate in nervous laughter.  The sheer intensity of the second half had ME on edge, and it takes an awful lot to do so.

I really don’t want to give a whole lot away because it would seriously detract from all the twists, but it starts innocently enough with a mystery man cutting all the locks off the chained gates of the prison to let the walkers roam free.  Simultaneously, the remaining living prisoners approach Rick, and the group decides to send them away with some provisions rather than risk them staying in an adjoining cellblock.

Action shifts back and forth between Rick and Andrea/Michonne, the latter of the two is still trying to figure out what the Governor is up to.  Not a lot of important revelations to speak of in that department quite yet.  Back at the prison, Hershel is finally lucid enough to get up and hobble around on crutches when a whole bunch of walkers get into the main prison yard and surround Hershel, his daughter and Lori.  Conveniently, Rick and firepower are far behind two fences and they all get separated into several small groups to battle the hundreds of swarming zombies.

This is where the intensity dials up to max for the last 25 minutes or so.  Rick ends up finding and dispatching the lock cutter, one of the group gets bitten, and just when things are looking up… Lori goes into labor.

And that is where my description ends to be respectful of spoilers.  If nothing else makes somebody want to pick up this series and watch, this episode darn well should.  ANDREW LINCOLN (Rick), SARAH WAYNE CALLIES (Lori) and CHANDLER RIGGS (Carl) all deliver their strongest performances so far.

I would rate this a 5 out of 5, perfect in every way.  Extremely excited to see what’s coming up…

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  1. I completely agree with this episode being the best yet this seadon. BTW great blog.

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