The Walking Dead – I Ain’t a Judas

urlLast week’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD descended into the depths of ho-hummery even though it really should have been a major highlight with The Governor finally provoking Rick and the occupants of the prison head-on.  Thankfully, this week regains some of the plotline and picks up steam again sans ghost Lori.  And darn good riddance to that.

The tangent line has wandered even further away from the comic material in many respects.  Tyreese is now supposedly aiding The Governor in his next assault on the prison, Andrea cannot choose where her loyalties truly lie and Merle is making his best attempts at being nice with the larger group.  The latter of which will be the most interesting since we never really got to experience him in his full glory from season 1.

Let me take a brief departure to report that I am currently watching the end of The Oscars as I type up this review… Renee Zellweger is presenting an award right now, can’t stop smiling and is unable to open her eyes.  It’s actually pretty creepy.  At least ten times creepier than ghost Lori.  Maybe she can be one of the guest-starring zombies in an upcoming episode?  Or the makeup process might make her face start to melt off.  That’s what happens when more than half your body weight is split between silicone and injectables.


**Potential spoilers** I am making an assumption that Tyreese’s shift in purpose will still end up the same for him either way.  I can hold out hope that the tiny side-storyline of his daughter and boyfriend still happens, but it doesn’t seem to fit in with how the main plot has changed.  My other guess is that Andrea will be correctly repurposed as the one who betrays The Governor at the end instead of his semi-random demise in the comic book.

That move would make a whole bunch of sense especially because the character was not really given a satisfying end in the book for as good of an antagonist as he was.  Finally, with how the showrunners have pseudo-PC’d the grislier details, it will be very interesting to see how they handle the eventual culling of Rick’s group.

So how about this episode?  Head inside to find out…

Alright, so since when are these folks afraid of a tiny baker’s dozen of walkers wandering around outside of a fence?  We begin with everybody freaking out about their present circumstances, presumably not so much worried about The Governor’s men, seeing as they left the night before.  Hershel finally stands up to Rick and tells him to pull his head out of his rear end.  Carl also appeals to his father to stop being the leader of the group and let Hershel and Darryl take over for a while.  Just when I thought we were going to be treated to another ghost-Lori sighting, it was merely a ruffle in a tree.

Andrea confronts The Governor about the assault on her friends in the prison.  The Governor lies to her and tells her that Rick shot first.  She offers to drive over and talk to Rick, but The Governor tells her if she leaves to never come back.  Checking out his wounds in the mirror, he finally dons his characteristic eyepatch.

Andrea escapes anyway and makes an impromptu Michonne-style walker friend.  While in the woods, she meets up with Tyreese and friends who ran away from the prison after all.  Tyreese heads over to Woodbury while Andrea makes her way to the prison.  After meeting back up with her old pals, she learns the truth about how the Governor assaulted the prison and attempted to kill Michonne, Glenn and Maggie.

In Woodbury, Tyreese flips on Rick and offers to tell The Governor all about the prison and how to get inside.

Carol tells Andrea to get back to Woodbury and assassinate The Governor after sleeping with him.  Andrea takes one of the cars back to the town only to climb right back into bed with him.  Guess what?  She can’t kill him.  Silly women…

Tonight on The Talking Dead?  A bunch of idiots talk about The Governor’s new army!  I’m curious as to how one can wax poetic on such a topic for more than 30 seconds.  His army is made up of a bunch of untrained asthmatics.  And done.  Hashtag is #IWantYou.  As in #(HeyChrisHardwick)IWantYou(ToShutUp)

Thankfully we are back in “A-” territory and the next episode looks to be a doozy.  Please share your thoughts below!