The Walking Dead – Hounded

This week’s The Walking Dead continues to pick up the pieces from the zombie attack that led to T-Dog’s and Lori’s death.  With Rick’s group on one hand showing deeper signs of desperation and the Governor’s group on the other hand showing more signs of psychosis, when will the two meet?  And when they do, what exactly goes down?  Hit the jump to see a more in-depth review…

A four-man detachment from Woodbury goes to hunt down a self-exiled Michonne to execute her on The Governor’s orders.  She cuts down two of them handily before being wounded in the thigh by a bullet fired from Merle’s gun.  When the third protests Merle’s plans to leave her to a natural fate, Merle shoots him in the face showing that he isn’t quite as reformed as he might have seemed.

Andrea decided to stay in Woodbury even after the zombie-games, and volunteers to ‘man’ the wall to protect from walkers.  Her unorthodox approach to zombie slaying gets some unneeded attention from the other wall guards and in turn gets her removed from wall duty by the Governor and subsequently put on ‘bedroom duty’.

Glen and Maggie go on a supply run to grab more baby formula only to run into a wandering Merle who ends up holding Maggie gunpoint to force Glen to drive them all back to Woodbury.  While it didn’t explicitly show their fate in this episode, they are taken into captivity and possibly tortured to find the whereabouts of Daryl and the prison (based on next week’s previews)

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman calls the prison and talks to Rick claiming there is a safe harbor somewhere close but is reluctant to tell him where.  Given the circumstances with Lori and the rest of the recent casualties in the group, Rick wants nothing more than to finally end up somewhere safe if nothing else for Carl and his newborn baby.  Are the phone calls merely the hallucination of a broken man?

Daryl finally finds Carol stuck in a room with the door blocked by dead walkers.  She looks extremely tired and malnourished, and Daryl carries her back to safety.  Why didn’t she get back to the group sooner?

At the end, Michonne tracks down Rick and company at the prison and stands waiting outside of the gates among a fairly large group of walkers.  Why aren’t they attacking her?  Are the zombies racist?  I figure time will tell.

Again, Andrew Lincoln impresses with Rick’s character showing a truly desperate and grieving man.  The look on his face of joy breaking through sorrow as he holds his newborn daughter for the first time was a great moment in a great episode.

Morals of the episode:  Michonne is a total badass, Merle and the Governor are crazy, Andrea likes men with tortured pasts, and Rick finally sacks up to care for his baby.

Important to note that this season is going to stretch longer than any other to a full 16 episodes which means we’re not even halfway through yet.  This is both a good thing and bad thing, because while there’s plenty more of The Walking Dead to digest for the next few months, I really hope the momentum doesn’t lag for sake of filling time.

Another strong 4.5/5

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