The Walking Dead Controversy Pt. 3

The-Walking-Dead-2It’s been a pretty slow few days around MIDWEST MARK’S part of town due to traveling and home improvements taking precedence over my usual TV time.  And seeing as none of my shows are on right now anyway, maybe it’s all for the better.  But I am happy to report that official construction of my ‘man cave’ room is about half done and will soon be a little MWTVG mecca in its own right.  If my wife ever asks, it’s still “the office” but now equipped with a new couch, flat screen TV and a close-able door for when she starts piling up the ‘honeydo list’.  It’ll be our little secret.

On to the latest WALKING DEAD news:

Because nothing says “Happy Holidays” in the Sutter household quite like fanning the flames of a Twitter battle, KURT SUTTER continued his rant against AMC’s decision to part ways with showrunner GLEN MAZZARA after the conclusion of the current season:

“AMC sent me a gift basket filled with sour tastes, forbidden fruit, broken promises and the marinated tongue used to lick kirkman’s ass.”

Kirkman there referring to ROBERT KIRKMAN the creator of THE WALKING DEAD who retorted on his own Twitter account:

@sutterink is brilliant and Sons is my favorite show on TV. Still, it’s upsetting to see him ranting about things he knows nothing about.”

“except that marinated tongue thing… That thing is awesome. Merry Christmas!”

Important to note that Glen Mazzara himself has been largely silent on the issue so far and we will probably never know what the real reasons of his departure are.  Regardless of who’s in charge over there, I just hope that quality isn’t put on the backburner due to controversy a la season 1.