The Walking Dead – Clear

urlEver wonder what happened to Morgan from the first season?  He’s the guy with the kid that saved Rick in the very first episode of season 1.  Well, we finally find out.  We also find out that Michonne knows her words and that there is life to the show outside of the prison and Woodbury.

Allow me to diverge from coverage of THE WALKING DEAD to report that I took some time to see one of the biggest cinematic flops of 2012, JOHN CARTER.  I am now completely mystified as to why it performed so poorly in theaters, as it was actually a really good movie.  It’s some densely-packed scifi, but it’s everything that people should want in a sweet Hollywood blockbuster.

If I were a movie reviewer, it would get a solid 3 stars for sure.  Since I am a MWTVG, I can accurately report that JOHN CARTER featured TAYLOR KITSCH from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, JAMES PUREFOY from THE FOLLOWING, LYNN COLLINS from a stint on TRUE BLOOD and DOMINIC WEST from THE WIRE among many others.  Great cast, great special effects and great story.  Lousy box office.  Go figure.

Back to the show at hand, this week was a very notable improvement over that last couple/few episodes.  Ghost Lori still stayed dead, and they even joked about her a little near the end.  Admittedly, my blood started to boil when I saw her in the “previously on the walking dead” bit before the episode, but thankfully there were no more confirmed sightings.

Head inside for a recap.

Rick, Carl and Michonne go out on a little mid-afternoon joyride to find more weapons and ammo to be ready for the next attack from Woodbury.  They blow past a hitchhiker who yells at them to stop, but they ignore him and keep driving.  They eventually arrive back at Rick and Carl’s hometown which is surprisingly without guns, and also surprisingly home to a crazy guy who booby-trapped the streets and starts taking potshots at them from a rooftop.

They lure the #lonewolf off the roof (like how I incorporated this week’s hashtag into the conversation?) and Carl ends up shooting him only to find that it’s Morgan Jones from the first season.  Except now his son is dead and he’s a psychotic loner who’s armed to the teeth. Lucky for Morgan, he was wearing body armor so that Carl’s bullet only knocked him out.  Rick refuses to leave without making sure that Morgan is alright first, as Rick pretty much screwed this guy and his son over early on in the show.

Carl and Michonne duck out to find a crib for the baby.  Before they snag a crib, Carl wanted to find a picture of his family for his sister.  Carl and Michonne get to a restaurant that had a family picture hanging on the wall for some reason and fight through a bunch of walkers to get to it.  Thankfully, the show’s writers are starting to give Michonne a little personality past her silent killer archetype.  Bear in mind that she’s completely different in the comic personality-wise even to the point where she’s somewhat of a seductress.  Not like you could get that one from the show at all.

Show runners:  Hey you, over there.  Can you hold this samurai sword for a second?  Look pissed.

Danai Gurira:  *says nothing*

Show runners:  You’re hired!

When he regains consciousness, Morgan fills Rick in on what happened since they parted.  He tells Rick that they turned on the radio every morning and continued to try and meet up with him like they agreed.  But after a while, he wasn’t there anymore.  His son ended up being killed by his zombified wife, and he was stuck in the town ever since.

Rick invites Morgan back with him, but he refuses.  They head back out of town with a crib and a big bag of guns.  They drive past the hitchhiker one more time, except this time he is in pieces on the side of the road.  They turn around to grab his abandoned backpack which is heavily ironic seeing as they refused to help him when he was alive.

Overall, “A-grade” fantastic.  Next week it looks like Rick and The Governor have a little face-to-face.  Maybe they can just arm-wrestle and be done with it.