The Walking Dead – Arrow on the Doorpost

urlAlternate episode title:  Rick Makes Faces While The Governor Talks.

Substitute alternate episode title:  Momentum Killer

If last week’s episode made me forget all about the Ghost Lori-era of this season, this week’s episode almost made me reminisce on Ghost Lori as better times.  Good lord it was lame.  The “much anticipated” meeting between Rick and The Governor?  Not so much.  I keep waiting for something big to happen but everything stays so vanilla as we head into the last three episodes of the season.  And I’m not talking vanilla bean vanilla, I’m talking bland artificially flavored fat-free sugar-free vanilla.  To quote one of our founding fathers (I think it was James Madison), “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Let’s compare this meeting of the two to their first meeting in the comic book.  The Governor cuts Rick’s freaking hand off!  Here, they might as well have been playing a mildly rousing game of backgammon.  Thinking about the events of the past several episodes, the story has not budged from the moment that Michonne unleashed hell in The Governor’s home.  You could literally cut out every episode between then and now and still have the same result.  May I sum up the problem in five simple words:  This is not The Governor.

There was a scene outside the meeting where Andrea asks Hershel what really happened between The Governor and Maggie.  Hershel responds by saying that he is a very sick man.  Other than mildly humiliating her to extract info, he really didn’t do the unspeakable horrors to her like he did to Michonne in the comic.  I will revisit my point from prior posts… there is really no reason why Rick should be so mad at The Governor because of how they refuse to explore the darker parts of the book.

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Let me ask an off-the-wall question.  How on earth are they driving around a 2013 Hyundai Tucson when the world technically zombified in 2011-ish?  I liked their shameless product placement of the spacious interior and optional features as Hershel waits for Rick.

Hershel, Rick and Daryl drive out to an old abandoned farm for Rick to have a little impromptu sitdown with The Governor supposedly but unexplainedly set up by Andrea.  Rick tries to come up with a solution by setting boundaries, but The Governor wants no part of truces and demands nothing less than Rick’s unconditional surrender.  Daryl and Hershel find common ground with the Woodburians outside while Rick and The Governor achieve nothing.

At the prison, Merle is itching to leave and ride over to the meeting to kill The Governor.  Glen refuses to let him leave and they get into a scuffle that ends with Merle not going anywhere.  Sort of like the previous 35 minutes of the episode.  That didn’t go anywhere either.

Andrea… make up your damn mind and quit being a whiny little girl.

After a while, The Governor tells Rick that all he wants is Michonne and they can live together in peace.  He gives Rick two days to make a decision.  And Andrea leaves with The Governor.  Chicks are so silly.  The Governor gives orders to kill everybody on sight except Michonne when they return.  Rick tries to put on a face for the group and tells that they are going to war while privately questioning whether or not to give up Michonne in a conversation with Hershel.

#faceoff is more like #turnoff.  I have #turnedoff other shows in the past, aka ARROW and I have never been this close to turning off an episode of THE WALKING DEAD.  D+ and dropping.