The Voice – Season 4 Premiere

urlTo make my eclectic taste in television just a tad more eclectic, I am admittedly a big sucker for THE VOICE.  I’ve been a faithful fan since the first season and while there are a couple of minor annoyances, I think it’s light years beyond the rest of the singing competition shows out there.  The only other exception for me being AMERICA’S GOT TALENT because it attracts extremely unique acts that you really don’t see anywhere else.  Last season’s performer WILLIAM CLOSE with his earth harp is still one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  Stupid dancing dogs…

Season 4 of THE VOICE comes with the biggest change yet with both Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera departing and being replaced with Usher and Shakira.  Does anybody else think it’s funny that they replaced the black guy and Latin chick with a black guy and Latin chick?  At least they swapped their chairs so as to not make the decision quite as obvious.

All kidding aside, they both seem to fit in great with the show.  While it creeps me out a bit that Usher threw out the Bieber name-drop within the first three performances, I think their personalities are both contrast and compliment to Blake and Adam’s established presence.  I will miss Cee Lo’s randomly colored animals, though.  Maybe Usher has some sort of exotic menagerie we don’t know about?  Or maybe The Biebs should just curl up in his lap wearing a pink furry shirt.  That would more-or-less have the same effect.

Last night’s two hour season premiere event verged on obnoxious with the damn back stories.  You know what?  I really don’t care.  Sing your song, pick your coach, then move on to another singer.  An hour into the show and there were only 4 performances??  Thank god for DVR.  Regardless of pacing, the new coaches are great, there are some legitimately good singers being chosen and everything looks nice and polished up for another great season.