The Voice – Final Live Performances


Fifteen weeks of auditions and performances all lead up to this… the finals!

Season 3’s final three are Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David and Terry McDermott.  All great performers in their own right, only one can be voted champ in tomorrow night’s live show.  Thankfully unlike several of the last shows, they almost completely forgo the back story parts for a ton of performances… I can only assume the producers are huge MWTVG fans and took my words to heart.

In a rule variation brought in this season, the teams do not need to be even going in to the finals, so Team Adam and Team Christina are no more.  The competition is essentially Team Cee Lo versus Team Blake (x2).  If you ask me, Blake’s got it in the bag.

Performance breakdown and MIDWEST MARK’S expert analysis within…

The first performance of the evening (aside from the opening tribute) came from Nicholas David singing a Great Balls of Fire/Stand Next to Your Fire mashup.  Interesting that the funk soul brother himself would deviate from his standard funky formula, but this was only one of many tonight.  His performance was good and he obviously had a lot of fun with it.


Cassadee Pope sang second with Miranda Lambert’s “Over You”.  Miranda Lambert songs are always a slightly strange choice seeing as she is Blake’s wife and all.  It’s akin to a contestant singing one of the coach’s songs and thinking they’re clever… the bar rises a bit too high as there is never any real comparison.  Again with the departure from the norm ditching girl-power rock for a country song.  Not a bad thing in this case, as she displays her versatility.

Terry McDermott then teams up with Blake to belt out a pretty solid version of “Dude Looks Like a Lady” with a topless and long haired Adam Levine on guitar.  Slight correction:  Terry Mcdermott sounded great, Blake was a tiny bit out of his league.

Nicholas David’s second performance plugged back in to his true essence for “Lean on Me”.  Clearly way more his bread and butter, he delivers flawlessly but just not to my tastes.

Terry stumbles a bit out of the gate on his solo performance of Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings but recovers to nail it.  Songs like this is why I love Terry this season… he brings the classic rock vibe to the show that not many singing competitions pay homage to.  I honestly don’t think he’s going to win, but he should easily come in second.

Cassadee and Blake teamed up to sing Sheryl Crow’s “Steve McQueen”.  I haven’t heard this song in approximately forever, but it was a really good duet once Cassadee found her footing.  The beginning was probably the first genuine stumble she’s had in weeks.  The texture of both their voices together was spot on, so it’s a little bit of a shame that the beginning sounded weaker.

Terry reprises his performance of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” but slows down the tempo and brings in strings to the arrangement.  If there’s one song that has a possibility of clinching a win for him, it’s probably this one.  Fantastic.

Nicholas David and Cee Lo partner up to sing “Play that Funky Music”.  Dare I say that Nicholas upstaged Cee Lo?  And both upstaged by some goofy dancing kid?  Glam and disco schlock abound, neither of which I connect with.

Cassadee’s solo performance was Faith Hill’s “Cry” which was sung and staged just beautifully.  Clearly her season to win.


Random note:  there was a wild Jenna Elfman sighting in the audience.  She does still exist.

So who’s going to win it all?  Hands down should be Cassadee, but The Voice has arguably had upsets in both of its past two seasons.  Season One’s incredible Dia Frampton lost to Javier Colon and Season Two’s Juliet Simms lost to Jermaine Paul.  Both complete shenanigans.  This time around following the same logic, Nicholas David might slide in for the undeserved victory.

I still stand by my pick of Cassadee Pope.  Here’s why:

  1. By far the most consistent and strongest vocals of the group.  In my opinion, this will be the hurt put on Terry, because of his occasionally-strained vocal ranges.
  2. Way more mainstream than Nicholas, which I think is the one thing that will end up hurting him the most.  He’s a good gimmick, but who would really want to watch a whole concert of him performing?  Not me.
  3. She’s a girl and she’s hot.

Not like number three had any bearing on the last two seasons at all, but taking all factors into account together makes the outcome fairly clear.

We will find out tomorrow night.