The Voice – And the Winner Is…



(Told ya so)

Interested in hearing about the rest of THE VOICE’S season 3 finale?  Continue reading within…

Rihanna kicked things off with her song “Diamonds”.  Special note on Rihanna:  Under normal circumstances I don’t like her music, but her song “Diamonds” isn’t half bad.  And its refreshing to see a modern pop singer not afraid to actually sing live and un-auto-tuned on stage.  Especially when she is that naturally talented.

A bunch of Team Blake-ers reunited to sing Kiss’ “Rock and Roll all Night”

Nicholas David joined Smokey Robinson to sing a pretty solid version of “Cruisin”.  Smokey Robinson’s face is pulled so tight it looks like he’s permanently cruising at about 3 G’s. I would be surprised if he was able to close his eyes or mouth at this point.  Actually, maybe that’s not Smokey Robinson at all.  60% chance it’s Rihanna in a Smokey Robinson mask.

The Killers and Cassadee Pope performed some halfway decent ballad called “Here With Me”, even though I haven’t really liked The Killers since their first (fantastic) album.  Sorry, Killers fans… they just aren’t able to replicate the greatness of “Mr Brightside”, “Somebody Told Me” and “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine”.

A bunch of the non-finalists sang “Stacey’s Mom” which comes with a healthy dose of irony since I’m very certain that half those dudes are secretly checking out Stacey’s brother.

Kelly Clarkson sang “Catch My Breath” with Cassadee and Terry.  Heavy on modern pop schlock.  Overall, it would have been better for Terry to sing alone, he sounded better with the vocals on this particular song than both the girls combined.

Some of the eliminated girls join Cassadee to sing “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons.  Ho-hum overall.

Peter Frampton and Terry jam out to the Frampton standard “Baby I Love Your Way”.  Terry really knocks this performance out of the park and is a great mix with Frampton’s unique vocals.

A bunch of the eliminated girls came back out to sing “Best of My Love” and to reinforce the reason that they aren’t sitting in Cassadee’s shoes right now.

Bruno Mars performed his new single “When I Was Your Man”.  I guess this guy is supposed to be talented, but it’s all a little too falsetto for my taste.

Nicholas David brought back some of the previous contestants to sing “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men.

Cassadee sang with her hero Avril Levigne to perform “I’m With You”.  Avril’s not doing all that well and Cassadee easily shows her up on her own song.  According to the resident gossip mags, Avril might very well be pregnant but who knows.  I suppose we’ll find out in a few months.

The coaches all perform “Time of Your Life” by Green Day just before Carson started to announce the results.

Nicholas David was the first to be eliminated, as I expected from last night’s performances.  He’s all fine and dandy, but too far ‘out there’ for the general public.  Then between Cassadee and Terry, Cassadee easily wins it all.

And now we bid adieu to Cee Lo and Christina and say hola to Shakira and Usher.  I can’t wait to see country boy Blake and Shakira try to understand what each other are saying.

Season 4 starts on March 25th!  Any voice fans wish to weigh in on this season’s results??