The Story of Angus Continues

claire forlani dewarsDewars has released the next commercial in the series featuring Claire Forlani asking if Angus is thirsty.  We still haven’t found out much about Angus yet, but for some reason, I still want to drink some scotch.

In this newly released commercial, instead of asking if Angus is thirsty, Claire asks him if he is with her.  We see a guy running down stairs away from what we assume is the roof that Claire is drinking on but we don’t know for sure. We don’t know if the guy running down the stairs is Angus or just some dude.  My hope is that it’s just some dude.  When we find out who Angus is, he better be some kind of amazing bad-ass.  I’m picturing a Daniel Craig type or a Jason Statham type.  If he is a wuss, I’m going to be pissed.

The Story of Angus continues in “The Roof”:


Doesn’t it sound like someone’s knuckles are breaking when she opens the bottle? What do you all think is going on in these commercials? Dewar’s is doing a good job building hype and tension with their commercial line here but by now, we have got to start getting some more information. There is only so long they can keep stringing us along teasing us about the story of Angus and his hot but seemingly dangerous girlfriend.

Have you noticed that she is drinking alone quite a bit in these commercials? Angus is in bed but she’s still out drinking? I’ve been married for a long time so I don’t know anything about healthy relationships, but this one can’t be good right? Drinking alone is not a good sign. Now Dewar’s has me worried about what’s going on with these people. As a hopeless romantic, I’m hoping for the best but something tells me that I should be expecting the worst.