The Sons…

So now that I’m all caught up on SONS OF ANARCHY, I am now able to write about it right after it airs.  I’m sure all of you are relieved, no, excited that I am now able to give you all my thoughts.  As a professional writer, my opinion matters to so many.  It’s a burden I have to live with.

Ok.  I know so many of us really wanted Jax to get his revenge on the prison guard right?  Sure.  But tell me.  Did any of you find yourself feeling a little bit sorry for the guy?  I did for a bit.  I don’t think the revenge actually helped Jax but it was nice to see that part of the story line closed out.

I’d like to announce here that I predicted the escalated trouble between Gemma and Carla and that it would lead to one of them having to be killed.  I was surprised that Carla killed herself though.

WTF is Joel McHale doing on this show?  He will apparently be in the next episode as a thief which I’m pretty sure won’t end well for him.

How about Clay being behind the home invasions?  While I’m not surprised, I will be interested to see how this plays out.

Where do you think the show is headed this season?