The Sons of Anarchy

Ok, as a Midwest TV Guy, I should be up to date on the most popular shows, but I have to admit, on this one I am still just a bit behind.

I started on THE SONS OF ANARCHY late and being a bit of a stickler, I didn’t want to just jump in to it as it was running, so I had to wait until I could start at season 1 and catch up.

This has been a long process but I am nearly all caught up.  Tonight I watched the season premier for this current season, season 5, and I have to say that I am still a bit messed up from it.

The scene with Tig, and you watchers of the show know what I’m talking about, is just about the most upsetting and disturbing bit of television I have seen in my life.  To be so shocked after 4+ seasons of SONS is really very impressive and it shows just how far Kurt Sutter is willing to go to test members of the Sons MC.

I want to continue watching to catch up but I need to take a break for the rest of the night after this episode.