The Simpson’s House

the simpsons houseI saw a story on one of my favorite sites today,, about The Simpson’s House having been built.  Being the savvy internet/TV/Pop Culture writer (and sex symbol) that I am, I thought how awesome it would be to write about this since we had already done a story about Homer’s Car being built.  Again, being the savvy and sexy writer that I am, I wanted to look in to this for you the reader.  I didn’t want to just post pictures without being able to provide some context and a story.  That wouldn’t be very professinal (or sexy) of me.

It appears as though The Simpson’s House was in fact built but not recently like that redditor would have you believe (redditors are karma whores.  If you know reddit, you know what that means).  The Simpson’s House was built in 1997 in Las Vegas as part of a contest for Pepsi.  It was built with all the specifications from the show including the layout and the colors and the winner of the Pepsi contest got to choose between the free house or a cash payout.

What did the winner choose?  Well he took the cash pay out of $75,000.  The funny thing is that it cost Pepsi $250,000 to build this house and they ended up having to scrap the whole thing (even in Vegas this house was not sellable in the condition it was in).  So The Simpson’s House doesn’t actually exist any more but it is good to know that at one point, someone thought it was a good idea to build this house.

Here are some of the pictures from what the house looked liked when it existed:

simpsons house pictures

Looking at this house, I am amazed that Pepsi green lighted this thing.  While people may lvoe the Simpsons, do you want to live in that house?  If you did, get ready to die there because you would never be able to sell it.  Some things, like Homer’s car, are better left just on TV.

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  1. I’m counting this as their official state now, not that tree hugging, whale saving, hybrid driving state of Oregon.

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