The Ratings Explained

I like to post the ratings for TV shows here at MWTVG but I thought that some of you might have questions about what the ratings mean.  After all, it is our job here at MWTVG to keep you informed and updated about all (well as many as possible) things TV.  I would not be doing my duty as the smartest of all the MWTVG writers (yes that is the truth no matter what else you might have heard) if I didn’t instruct as well as inform.  So, as part of my duty, here is an article that quickly and succinctly (see, I’m smart) explains the rating system.

What is a rating?

Now that you know what a ratings share is, be sure to lord your new found knowledge over your friends because if there is one thing we at MWTVG just can’t condone, it’s not lording knowledge over your lessers.