The Oscars – Who Really Gives a Damn

urlSo the Oscars are on tonight, forcing me to choose between watching a bunch of Hollywood stars fawn over each other and THE WALKING DEAD.  Spoiler alert:  I’m going to choose the latter.  Primarily because the Oscars always focus on all the movies that have no relevance to a practical moviegoer whatsoever.

Let’s take a look at the nominees for best picture.  Six movies I would not care to watch ever, Argo which I would end up watching if there were no other movies available to me at the time, Zero Dark Thirty which I have not seen but looks genuinely good, and Django Unchained which is a Tarantino masterpiece.  No love at all to the two movies that grossed a more than one billion dollars worldwide?  If The Oscars isn’t a heavily douche-driven popularity contest, then what the heck is it?

AMOUR, for instance grossed 4 million dollars in the USA.  I’m pretty sure that the only audience that watched it were the critics who voted it into the best picture category.  SKYFALL, on the other hand grossed 75x more in the US alone, and nearly triple that worldwide.  Arguably the best Bond movie ever, and AMOUR is considered ‘better’.  Based on what criteria?  That it plays well to the elderly?

And why no love at all for the horror genre?  Not like I expect any best picture nominations from it, but for crying out loud… why snub one entire genre of movie just because the old people who vote on the Oscars are too scared to watch them?  SINISTER, for instance was fantastic as was CABIN IN THE WOODS amongst many others.  And why not have a “Best Action Movie” category?  What kind of world are we in where THE AVENGERS can shatter almost every box office record known and cannot be deemed deservant of an award?  Again, not necessarily Best Picture quality, but let’s get real.

My point?  The Oscars are getting more and more irrelevant.  So much so that I actively work to not watch movies that win Oscars.  So I will be watching THE WALKING DEAD instead.  The Oscars can go ahead and snobbily douche themselves further into obscurity.

4 Comments on The Oscars – Who Really Gives a Damn

  1. millerkiller81 // February 24, 2013 at 9:10 pm //

    Sorry Mrs B but I have to agree with your son….the its just killing time until The Walking Dead

  2. maryellenbender // February 24, 2013 at 8:30 pm //

    By the way, watch Argo. I’ve been telling you for months!

  3. maryellenbender // February 24, 2013 at 8:29 pm //

    Mark: This is your mother. You obviously are not into fashion so extremely out of reach price-wise with the average person that one dress could pay for a month’s+ groceries. Also, the glitz is so shiny and overwhelming that it might bring on a seizure. You can’t relate to the drama, even though you have a daughter at the age I teach — believe me there can be drama at that age. Entertainment has to be so deep a mere shovel can not suffice. So, bring on the crane and enjoy the skimmed surface and superficial revelrie, and get over it and enjoy! Love you! Break a leg!

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