The Neighbors

The Neighbors is funny

THE NEIGHBORS is a good show that I can watch with my kids.  I’m a Midwest dad that has 3 children ages 8-10.  It’s next to impossible to find shows that we can watch as a family.  Network comedies are shockingly inappropriate for young children.  I’m not always convinced that they are appropriate for me.

It may seem like a silly premise, a family moves into a subdivision where all of the neighbors are aliens and it is if you are looking for complicated and sophisticated story plots.  But the show does a good job of not making it about the aliens but rather focusing on issues that everyday families face.

In this weeks episode, the Weavers all catch a cold, which is a completely foreign concept to the aliens.  It follows somewhat typical sitcom plots whereby the mom (played by Jamie Gertz) has to take care of the family even though she is sick herself.  But when you are watching with your kids, it’s not tired or old because it’s new to them.

A great line from the show was delivered by an unlikely source, the school janitor.  He told a story about how he and his wife buy a lottery ticket every week.  His wife says she would buy her own island if they win, because Marlon Brando did it.  Anyway, the janitor explains that he knows he is no Brando and that his odds of winning the lottery are next to none.  That’s why he buys a post card of an island every week and gives it to his wife with the lottery ticket.  He says, “Look, she knows I can’t afford to buy her an island, but it’s important to me that she knows I would if I could.”

Here’s a clip where the aliens learn about death.  I don’t care who you are, that’s just funny right there.