The Neighbors

So you might have heard about the great remote disaster of 2012.  I was stuck on the couch with the remote out of reach for most of the night tonight so I was stuck on ABC.  This allowed me to watch their new show THE NEIGHBORS tonight for the first time.

THE NEIGHBORS stars Jami Gertz (LESS THAN ZERO) and Lenny Venito (NYPD BLUE) as the parents of a family that moves in to a gated community where everyone in the community is an alien.  I haven’t watched this show yet because when I heard the premise, I immediately decided to skip it.  Since I was trapped on the couch tonight though, I gave it a try.

Well I’ll say that it wasn’t terrible.  It had some funny moments actually, certainly more than 2 BROKE GIRLS would ever even dream of having in an episode, hell in a season.  The characters in the show are kind of funny and being aliens, they don’t really get how names work so they all have names of famous athletes.

It does feel very 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN-ish in that we are watching aliens try to figure out how to fin in their Earth environment and wackiness will ensue when mis-understandings arise (oh and you know they will because hey, aliens man).  I wouldn’t say that you need to run out and add this to your DVR or start watching it religiously.  The show probably won’t survive, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by it.

If I could go back to talking about Jami Gertz now.  Midwest Mo made a reference to her in an earlier post and I have to agree, for people in our age range, we can really only ever think of her in LESS THAN ZERO.  Remember that movie?  Man what a great 80s movie.  Great 80s music.  Great 80s stars of the time.  Great 80s problems.  I just love this movie.