When The Muppets Try To Get Gas

the muppets try to get gas toyota commercial

the muppets try to get gas toyota commercialIt wasn’t that long ago that we were all viciously attacked by one of the most oppressive movie advertising campaigns in the history of humanity. You have probably blocked it from your memory and I apologize if I undo months of counseling, but remember the campaign for Anchorman 2? I’ll wait while you compose yourself. That campaign is an example of doing it wrong. Now we can take a look at someone who is doing it right, The Muppets.

The Muppets have a new movie coming out on March 21 called The Muppets Most Wanted. They have been doing some advertisements and tie-ins with other products to help push their movie but they aren’t jamming it down our throats like Ron Burgundy did. They are giving us just enough so that we know there is a movie coming out, we feel good about it, and we want more. In the case of Anchorman 2, we were all dying for the movie to come out just so the commercials would stop.

Here is a recent commercial starring one of my favorite Muppets, Pepe the King Prawn (and that rat that I don’t like), for Toyota. This is an example of doing cross promotion the right way.

When The Muppets Try to Get Gas


This is hysterically funny. I love the resentment they obviously have for Kermit and I love how Pepe has to honk the horn.  Nice job Muppets and nice job Toyota. This is cross promotion done the right way.

The Muppets Most Wanted opens everywhere on March 21.