The Mentalist – Who’s Out?

I like The Mentalist and it’s generally a show I don’t miss.  I was reading another site similar to ours called TV Guide (maybe you’ve heard of it) and there was an announcement that the 2 pictured cast members will be leaving sometime during season 6.

It’s a slow day over here at MWTVG HQ and normally I wouldn’t feel the need to quote executive producers.  However, with Viacom taking down any Stephan Colbert footage faster than we can find it, let’s talk about something else (seriously MTV exec Van Toffler needs to lose his job over that one).

Anyway, The Mentalist’s executive producer Bruno Heller declined to confirm the departures but stated, “I can neither confirm or deny, but this is the most dramatic and game changing season and anything can happen“.

Really, most dramatic?  Game changing?  Makes me wonder what the hell the game was to begin with.  Wouldn’t it be nice if producers had some type of truth in advertising standard to live up to?  Hey, come watch our show, at least it’s not on NBC.

I said it was slow over here.