The Joe Schmo Show

The JOE SCHMO show has been covered by us before, but I want to let you know that I think the show is pretty stinking funny and should be added to you DVR play list.

As a rule, I don’t like reality shows.  So a show that makes fun of them appeals to me.  The premise of the show is that the producers are looking for the next great bounty hunter.  Everybody except one guy is in on the gag, the entire show is fake.

It’s quite amazing how elaborate of a setup the producers have gone to make this seem like a real reality show.  It took them over a year to get everything in place prior to getting the guy who thinks it’s all real.So what makes this show so fun?  It’s how they make fun of reality shows while just screwing with the guy who doesn’t know it’s fake.  For example, here’s a clip of Lorenzo Lamas (he’s playing himself on the show) introducing us to the casual pouch.  This is just not right.


Here’s another classic clip where they are having an “immunity” challenge.


There are many more hilarious twists and turns to the show.  Only 3 episodes have aired so you aren’t that far behind.  It airs on SPIKE TV on Tuesday nights.


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  1. Midwest Mike // January 17, 2013 at 9:00 pm //

    I have watched all three episodes and I just don’t see the humor. It’s an incredibly cruel show. If they want to make fun of reality shows, why do they have to do it by humiliating someone? So the guy wants to be on a reality show. It’s not like it’s a dating show where he is pretending to want to get married. The guy has had a life long dream of being a bounty hunter. Maybe thats a dream that a lot of people can look down on, but it’s still this guy’s dream. Along comes a show that tells him he can compete for a chance at getting his dream job and he takes the opportunity. How evil of him. We should for sure make fun of this guy. I just don’t get it. Even the actors admit that the schmo is a good guy. Did you see the most recent episode? How creepy was it when he had to go to the hospital but they were trying to figure out how to control him? It felt like he was an abused wife with a husband trying to give her a story to tell the doctors. It was creepy as hell. I really despise this show and just don’t see the humor. I really feel bad for the guy that is the schmo.

    • I can’t tell are you telling me why the show is funny or not. I laughed all the way through your comments. I loved it when after he gets hurt, they blame him for poor technique. Freaking awesome! I’m guessing he’s going to need some counseling if he ever sees the episode with himself in the casual pouch. Toughen up sissy boy and get on board.

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