The Joe Schmo Show – The Reveal

Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end, and The Joe Schmo Show is no exception.  We’ve been treated to weeks and weeks of just awesome entertainment. There are only three “contestants” left and this is the finale.

I’ll be reviewing the show as I watch it, so if you haven’t seen the finale, stop reading now as I will detail the entire episode.  Before we get to it, I first want to thank the producers and Spike TV for bringing us such an entertaining show.  Also, whomever made the final decision to cast Chase deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.  If we’ve learned nothing else, we know this for sure – Chase is a really good guy.

So tonight is the night of the big reveal.  Time to let Chase in on the secret.  But first, why not screw with him one last time.  It’s the final challenge, and with only three “contestants” left, winning the challenge could put you over the top. What is the challenge?  Yep, go get and apprehend an actual skip (in bounty hunter world that’s the bad guy who skipped out on his bail).

So Jake Montrose and Chase set out to get their skip.  On the ride there, they discuss various strategies to apprehend the skip and Chase settles on pretending the skip is a sweepstakes winner.  He walks right up to the house and pretends the skip has won a sweepstakes contest. Chase is crazy, he walks right into the house with total disregard for his safety.

If I’ve had one issue with Chase, it’s his unflinching desire to be a bounty hunter.  If he continues after this show on that career path, he needs some serious training.  I’m guessing lesson 1 would be don’t walk into a strange criminal’s house when your only training consists of 1 week on a reality show.

The challenge was setup for Chase to fail.  They wanted him going into the finals with a bunch of doubt and they succeeded.  But at this late hour, the producers are getting worried that Chase might get really angry when it’s revealed this is all fake.  I’m sitting here thinking it’s way past too late to worry about that.

Nope, the producers have a plan.  It’s an evil plan, but a plan nonetheless.  They’ve flown in Chase’s wife for the finale and plan to have her there in case Chase gets out of control.  It’s funny, but another author here at MWTVG once said the show felt like a kidnapping with hostages.  Well, what better way to negotiate than to bring in family members.  “Honey, we love you.  Can you put down the gun and let the nice actors go?”

If possible, Chase’s wife is more genuine than him.  In order to have her be of any help, they have to let her in on the secret.  She seems stunned, but also somehow you can tell she really loves Chase.  It’s been nice to watch a show featuring good people.  It’s not the usual lowest common denominator fare that inhabits most reality TV (I’m looking at you Buckwild).

It’s time for the final eviction ceremony.  The past contestants are all there and it’s great how these actors are all nervous about how this will go.  First, they play clips of the contestants “bounty hunts”.  Freaking hilarious. Alan, who was playing Chase’s friend apprehends an Asian guy and says, “Time for some Chinese take-in”.  Classic racist Schmo humor.

So all the clips are in and it’s time for Q&A from the loser jury.  One question was how much of the money would you give to charity.  Chase’s response, “He’d have to clear it with his wife the boss of the family.”  To the end, he’s a class act.

Reality show twist, Jake says since it’s his company that is hiring the bounty hunter he gets a say and that it’s not going to be Alan.  That brings it down to Lorenzo freaking Lamas and Chase as the finalists and there is no screwing around now.  Time for the jury to vote.  How oh how will they screw with Chase?

Chloe votes Lorenzo because he said she was pretty.  The rest vote and it’s close.  My goodness, they have Lorenzo win the thing.  Cue confetti and a big fake check for Lorenzo.  But wait, Jake goes ballistic on the jury for picking Lorenzo asking why they would pick him.  The universal response, “Because he’s an actor.”

They reveal that they are all actors and Chase starts to cry.  They go through it all with Chase revealing how they pulled this off.  When they take him to the production room and about a hundred people are applauding him, it’s overwhelming.  It’s stunning how many people it took to pull this show together.

They go through a wrap up now it’s over.  There was something about this show that made it great.  I hope to see more Schmo shows in the future, but take your time guys.  The planning that went into this one really paid off.  Don’t be in too big of a hurry to slap something together.

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  1. It will definitely leave a void on my Tuesday night line-up. Luckily, my favorite show ever Psych started last week. It’s on Wednesday’s at 9 on USA (characters welcome). If you are looking for something silly and fun, I can’t recommend it enough. You can start watching it from anywhere, you don’t have to worry that you are getting in late.

  2. Julie Cooper // March 6, 2013 at 10:55 am //

    Great show and great write up of the finale.

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