The Jim Gaffigan Show

the jim gaffigan show

One of my favorite stand up comedians of all time is Jim Gaffigan. I’m not alone in my love for him. He’s hugely popular. Everyone knows his hot pockets bit along with many other classic comedy moments he has put together over the years. He has ventured in to TV before with random appearances here and there and a few regular shows (My Boys which was very good).  He has not yet had his very own TV show where he was the star, until now. His new show, The Jim Gaffigan Show, premiered last night on TV Land. I am reasonably confident that I am one of just a handful of people who watched this show last night.

The Jim Gaffigan Show was…not good. I suppose the first sign telling me that I should have known that was that it is airing on TV Land. It’s not like all the best shows go to TV Land. Well at least not all the best shows that aired any time post-1985 (that’s a guesstimate so don’t email me to tell me I’m wrong about some date). The fact that the show is on TV Land was a warning sign.

It stars Jim Gaffigan, one of my favorite comedians, though so I thought what the heck, I’m still going to watch this show. Maybe TV Land is going to get lucky and have a hit on their hands.

Well. There is probably a reason the networks passed on this giving TV Land a shot at locking up this show. It’s…not good.

The Jim Gaffigan Show stars Jim Gaffigan of course playing himself. It also stars that guy from Saving Private Ryan who got stabbed to death very slowly and painfully, Adam Goldberg as another comedian that knows Jim and despite seemingly being completely polar opposite people, they are somehow friends.

Wait a second, I get it now. I know why they are friends. We need family guy Jim to have a friend that is a die-hard anti-kid bachelor because there will definitely be hijinx and hilarity between these two. I mean, how are they friends? It just doesn’t make sense. Oh those two kooks. This is going to be crazy.

Starring as Jim’s wife Jeanie is not Jim’s actual wife Jeanie even though Jeanie is herself an actress. Instead of his actual wife, the actress Ashley Williams is playing Jim’s wife Jeanie. Ashley played a woman named Victoria on How I Met Your Mother but that show has already been gone long enough that I couldn’t tell you for the life of me who Victoria was. Given that it was a character that had an entire 16 episode season run, I’m going to guess that Victoria was one of Ted’s girlfriends that Ted no doubt broke up with for some ridiculous reason like her favorite color was blue.

In the pilot episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show, we meet Jim and his family full of children. There is some kind of a story then about how Jim should get a vasectomy yet he and his wife both know that he won’t be doing that. For some reason there is a struggle between the two over faking plans for a vasectomy. I think it was meant to be funny. I think that this is something that Jim and his wife have actually gone through in their lives and they decided to make it an episode. I think also that it is one of those inside jokes that married people have between themselves that maybe they laugh at that would have been best kept between themselves because us on the outside of the joke don’t see the humor.

There is also an apartment hunting story line that again has to be something that Jim and his wife have actually done together that again, should have been left between the two. They don’t seem to want to move from their tiny two bedroom apartment despite the fact that they have 47 kids. They don’t want to leave their memories. I don’t care how many memories I have of a place, if I’m packed in like I’m living in a clown car, I’m looking for a new place. I think most of us would be in the same boat.

Overall, the pilot of The Jim Gaffigan show was a miss. It certainly tried to be funny and they included some of Jim’s stand up material in the show, but I just didn’t feel it. It’s the pilot episode so I’ll keep watching as they try to find their feet and I’m hopeful that they do because again, I really like Jim Gaffigan. Also, Macaulay Culkin shows up in the cast list for this show so I am definitely going to keep watching just to see what he does on this show.

If you are unfamiliar with The Jim Gaffigan Show, and I’m sure you are, here is the trailer from TV Land.

The Jim Gaffigan Show – Trailer

Yes that was Michael Ian Black you saw in the trailer. I didn’t mention him earlier because he’s only going to be in a couple of episodes and I like him too much to really want to associate him with this project.

The Jim Gaffigan Show airs on TV Land Wednesdays at 9:00. I’m sure after my glowing review, you’ll be dying to see it.

the jim gaffigan show