The Jeselnik Offensive

the jeselnik offensiveWe’ve talked about shows that some comedians have been given here at MWTVG before.  Aside from Seinfeld, you really have to be worried when a comedian is given their own show.  So, so many have been bad.  Whitney, The Nick Kroll Show, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, and on and on.  Knowing the high rate of absolute failure of shows given to comedians, I was nervous about a new show that I was looking forward to.  Anthony Jeselnik premiered his own show on Comedy Central this week called The Jeselnik Offensive and after watching it, I give it a thumbs up.

If you are a fan of the Comedy Central Roasts, then you probably know who Anthony Jeselnik is and you either think he is hilarious or you are disgusted by him.  He’s a comedian that is not afraid to say anything.  His deadpan delivery lulls you in to a sense of security before he shocks your face off with a joke that would make even a Nazi uncomfortable.

Jeselnik’s show follows a familiar format similar to Chelsea Lately and The Burn with Jeff Ross (also a famous roaster).  Both of those shows have proven successful so Jeselnik copies the format which is just fine with me.  This format is really more about the comedian and their comedian friends getting together to tell jokes and make fun of things.  That works for me and since I think Anthony Jeselnik is a funny comedian, I liked his show.  Here’s a preview from Comedy Central:


If you are a fan of stand up comedians, give The Jeselnik Offensive a chance.  You might enjoy it.  The Jeselnik Offensive airs on Comedy Central Tuesdays at 9:30.

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  1. Midwest Mark // February 22, 2013 at 4:18 pm //

    Taking this with a grain of salt, as I always thought Whitney Cummings was hysterical on the roasts. Her awful sitcom nonwithstanding, she hosts a ‘talk show’ on E! called “Love You, Mean It” is by far the most horrendous dreck I have ever seen. Hopefully this guy can buck the trend, especially because I thought he was by far one of the high points of the last couple of roasts.

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