The Jeselnik Offensive Has Been Cancelled

anthony jeselnikIn news that I can’t say is terribly shocking (unlike his humor), there is news today that The Jeselnik Offensive has been cancelled by Comedy Central. The comedian was doing a set at the New York Comedy festival over the weekend and told the crowd that the show would not be back for a third season.

Add Anthony Jeselnik to the list of comedians who have tried a show on Comedy Central and failed. I am a bit disappointed because I enjoyed the show but I can understand why Jeselnik’s brand of humor did not catch on with wider audiences. He’s an insult comic who takes his insults to the next level. If you ever watch any of the roasts on Comedy Central, then you might remember Jeselnik. If not, here is a clip of some of his jokes during the roasts of Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump (NSFW language):


His humor is not the kind that will reach a wide audience that’s for sure. One thing I am going to miss from The Jeselnik Offensive is the segment called “defending your tweet.” In this segment, the Jeselnik staff would find random tweets that the show’s guests had sent out and would ask them to defend their tweet. It was a new idea that I thought was a good segment. I’d love to see this more often. ┬áCelebrities should get called on the carpet more often for some of the stupid crap they send out on Twitter. ┬áHere is one of the segments where Patton Oswalt (the nerd king) and Nick Kroll (The League) have to defend tweets they have made:


Now that The Jeselnik Offensive has been cancelled, you can add this show to the heap of shows that Comedy Central has tried with comedians that have failed. I applaud Comedy Central for their willingness to keep giving comedians shows. Sooner or later, another one will hit like The Chappelle Show did and we will forget shows like Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time.