The Illegitimates

the illegitimates

the illegitimatesLet’s change gears a bit for a few minutes and talk about something other than TV. What you say? That’s crazy? I know. Go with me for a bit. I’ve got something that you might be interested in that isn’t TV. How many of you are comic book fans? I’m sure I just lost at least half of you with that question but for those of you who like to read comics and who like things that are funny, there is a new comic that has come out recently you should check out. The Illegitimates, from IDW Publishing, is a new comic series from Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam that is worth checking out.

Two things got me interested in The Illegitimates. First, it’s written by Taran Killam. I said a long time ago that Taran Killam would be the next breakout star of Saturday Night Live and I have to say, while I’m not surprised, that I am right. When I found out that Killam was writing a comic book, I knew that I would at least give it a shot. You never know with comedians sometimes. You have to take their projects with a grain of salt and realize that for comedians, there are going to be hits and there will be misses. Not everything will be funny but if you like a comedian, follow their stuff and more often than not, you will be happy.

The other reason I wanted to check out The Illegitimates is because of the premise of the comic. The premise? Think about all those James Bond movies where he is running all over the world hooking up with women willy-nilly. In any of those instances, do you remember birth control ever being discussed? Killam didn’t remember any discussion of that type either. He assumes that since Bond was such an NBA level man whore that he had to have sired children all over the world. That’s the premise he brings to The Illegitimates, which now makes the title make sense right?

Jack Steele is the James Bond-esque character who has sired “illegitimate” children all around the world. After Steele is defeated by his arch nemesis Viktor Dannikor, the super secret spy organization, Olympus, must find a way to replace their best spy. Who else to turn to but Steele’s illegitimate children who have all taken on various skills of their father.

The Illegitimates #1 was released on December 18 with #2 scheduled for release on January 8. It’s been a long time since I have read a comic book so I got in to The Illegitimates #1 not knowing what to expect. I’ll say this about the first installment. I didn’t think there was much there. I expected them to spend some time setting up the back story but that was pretty much all they did. The story was short and we didn’t get to anything more than a cursory introduction to each of the illegitimate children.

I’m fine with letting the first issue get by without much meat to it. I know we are just getting an introduction and this being Killam’s first foray in to comic book writing, I’m willing to continue to see how this progresses. What I was impressed by was the drawing and inking of the first episode.

the illegitimatesThe ink for The Illegitimates is done by Diana Greenhalgh. Pencils are done by Kevin Sharpe. I’ll admit that when it comes to this part of the comic book world, I’m really a layman. I did read comics when I was younger but didn’t get in to them to the level of discussing inks and colors and penciling and the like. I was too busy doing things like playing sports and chasing girls to devote that kind of time to a comic but now that I’m married, I have plenty of time to get in to the minutiae of the comic book world. Visually, The Illegitimates is beautiful.

I wasn’t blown away by issue #1 of The Illegitimates but I am intrigued. I love the premise and I have enough faith in the comic ability of Taran Killam (and his writing partner Marc Andreyko) that I will continue to follow the series to see how this develops. People are often too quick to jump off of something if it isn’t a smash hit right out of the gates. That doesn’t always happen with comedy. You’ve got to give it some time to develop and get it’s legs. I’m willing to do that for The Illegitimates. Issue #2 will be released on January 8. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think after the issue comes out.