The Homer Car

the homerFans of The Simpsons will remember the episode (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, 1991) where Homer finds out he has a 1/2 brother (Danny DeVito) that runs his own car company.  When the brothers are reunited, brother Herbert asks Homer to design the next car that his company will sell.  The result?  The Homer.

Homer’s car had not made it past the drawing board until now.  Porcubimmer Motors has created a real life version of The Homer and they even raced it in the 24 hours of LeMons north of Bakersfield (they came in 5th).  While The Homer bankrupted Herbert’s company on The Simpsons, it is unclear about what it will do to Porcubimmer Motors.  If you are curious about what The Homer car looks like, here is a video from Porcubimmer:


If there are companies out there starting to make products from The Simpsons, can someone please, for the love of God, get on top of bringing Skittlebrau to market?