The Goodwin Games

I’ve been meaning to talk about The Goodwin Games, a new FOX sitcom that aired this week.  All in all, it’s not bad.  Even though it’s not on NBC, there is very little chance this show will ever make it.

Here’s a link to an interesting article about the road this show took to get on the air and why it’s unlikely to make it.  It has to do with the changing nature of network programming and how networks are going to limited run series to compete with cable TV’s shorter seasons.

The show is from the creators of How I Met Your Mother, which I am still on board with, even though some writers over here can’t stand Ted Mosby.  It’s a cute show about a dad who just passed away trying to get his kids back together by making them compete for his estate.

As a parent myself, I’m always looking for those shows that are funny and appropriate to watch with my kids.  Our 2 favorite shows that fit this category right now are Psych and The Neighbors.  I am adding this show to the list, but am managing my expectations as to it’s ultimate demise.

I think that’s smart as last week I went crazy on NBC, and it really made Google mad at us for some reason.  So, I’m staying positive and will enjoy the show for what it is and for what it will be, short lived.