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the goldbergs on abc

the goldbergs on abcOne of our other writers wrote about this show after it’s premiere but I want to take a minute now to talk about a show that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, The Goldbergs on ABC.

The Goldbergs is a show about the Goldberg family that is set in the 1980s. The show was created by Adam Goldberg and the show basically tells stories about his family from his time as an 11 year old. That makes Adam my age and it means that this show is speaking directly to me. Adam is a middle kid, I’m a middle kid, he grew up in the 80s, I grew up in the 80s, he has a crazy mom, I had a crazy mom, and he has a crazy older brother, I had/have a crazy older brother.

I am a huge pop culture nerd so that makes the show a bit difficult for me at times. They try to do their best to be non-specific about what year they are exactly set in and that’s fine but when they make pop-culture references, that immediately tells me the date and sometimes, their dates don’t exactly add up.

This drives Midwest Mo crazy when I complain about this and by the way, remember when I mentioned I had a crazy older brother? That’s him. He’s my crazy older brother. He watches this show and he would probably never admit it, but the older brother Barry is exactly my older brother Mo.

The episode I watched tonight had Barry throwing a fit at the mail box because something he was waiting for had not yet come in the mail. Mo will say that he never did that, but I have two other brothers who can attest to his behavior and that this is something that he did as well.

The only difference in this episode was that Barry decided to protect his younger brother from bullies saying that only he was allowed to beat up his younger brother. For me that wasn’t the case. My brother’s friends were often my tormentors and Mo not only didn’t stop them, he would think it was funny. So Adam and I differ there but there are many more similarities.

If you aren’t watching this show, you are missing out on a good family comedy. Sure it’s set in the 80s, but that doesn’t define the show. The 80s backdrop is used for a few jokes here and there but it could just as easily be set today.

The Goldbers on ABC is one of the best family comedies on TV right now. If you are looking for something that you can watch with the whole family, I’d suggest you start watching this show. You can pick it up at any time because each show is it’s own story. There is not an ongoing story line that you are missing if you haven’t been watching. You can start at any time and be fine.  FYI, the star of the show, Sean Giambrone, is a local kid from right here in the suburbs of Chicago (if you represent Sean, we’d love to talk to you about doing an interview).  Here’s the trailer for The Goldbergs on ABC if you are not familiar with this show.

The Goldbergs on ABC Trailer


The Goldbergs airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8:00.

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