The Following – The Siege

urlAs far as I’m concerned, last week’s episode turned the corner with THE FOLLOWING, effectively going from a mediocre show starring KEVIN BACON to a pretty darn good show starring KEVIN BACON.  Does this week continue on the upswing or regress back to blank stares and generic literary plots?

The opening scene for sure does nothing for progress.  So are the dudes gay?  Are they not gay?  Seriously, I don’t care and it really doesn’t matter.  I wish they would quit being so in-your-face about it.  While I am not so hyper-sensitive about such things, I would imagine that the gay-love-triangle plotline would turn a lot of people off from the show who would otherwise like it.  And this would all be a moot point if it wasn’t so damn unnecessary.  Oh well.  At least things got a lot better very quickly.

Breakdown inside!

Joey steals Emma’s phone to give his mom a call.  After describing his location at the farmhouse, Paul drags him away screaming while his mother can only listen on the other line.  This flips the FBI immediately into action with Hardy and Weston leaving to find him.

Paul is still intent on Jacob committing his first murder.  And conveniently, the Asian chick is still in the basement.  Inconveniently, Jacob still can’t do the deed.

Joe Carroll calls Olivia Warren (his previous attorney) who essentially screwed him over in the past to have her spy on the FBI for him.  Olivia calls a press conference to read a passage from Poe’s Masque of the Red Death which activates two more of his serial killer squad.  One goes to the farmhouse to get Emma, Joey and the rest out of there while the other waits for Claire.

After overhearing Emma and Paul talking about what’s actually going on, Joey makes a run for it into the woods.  He runs into one of the neighboring families who takes him back to their house.  When they realize who Joey is, they immediately call the police but are interrupted by Paul who bludgeons them to death with a garden hoe.  This leads Hardy and one of the local cops straight to the farmhouse.

Olivia delivers a message from Joe to Claire of what to do if she ever wants to see Joey again.  Claire leaves the house to meet one of her friends for lunch.  She ducks out of the restaurant only to get kidnapped herself by the man waiting for her.

Hardy breaks into the farmhouse to find the kidnapped girl and Joey only to get held at gunpoint by Paul.

Another excellent episode and judging by the previews, next week will be even better.  A- only because of the senseless love triangle plotline.  Get rid of it please.