The Following – Premieres Tomorrow!

The-Following-New-Cast-Promotional-Photos-the-following-32576339-1950-1350One of MIDWEST MARK’S most anticipated early-2013 premieres finally airs tomorrow!  I posted a preview of this a few weeks ago and judging from the marketing campaign behind THE FOLLOWING, it looks like it might actually live up to its potential.

Starring KEVIN BACON and JAMES PUREFOY, the plot revolves around a network of serial killers and KEVIN BACON’S attempts to stop them.  THE FOLLOWING marks the first major jump into television for Bacon since his stint on GUIDING LIGHT in the early 80’s.  It will be exciting to see what kind of twist that KEVIN BACON can put on the character and I would only hope that the rest of the show can match the intensity he will no doubt put into it.

Early reviews are generally positive and paint the show as a very dark crime drama that plays like it was from the horror genre.  At time of this posting, IMDB stats show it highest rated among the under-18 and 18-29 crowd.  Although reactions drop sharply in the 30-44 group, you can absolutely count me in.

Be sure to catch the series premiere of THE FOLLOWING tomorrow on FOX at 8:00 pm MWTVG-time and don’t forget to check back tomorrow shortly after the premiere for MIDWEST MARK’S ever-so-satisfying review and commentary.