The Face of Evil

When you saw the title I’m sure you came here thinking you were going to read a hard-hitting article about Hitler right?  Or maybe you thought I was going to talk about Radovan Karadzic (look him up)?  No.  When it comes to evil, and I’m talking the kind of evil that makes Pol Pot (again, look him up) cringe, there is only one person that comes to mind.  Here she is ladies and gentlemen, the face of evil:

I don’t know if there has been a series of commercials that I have hated more in my life.  I don’t get it with her.  If you are reading this and you are a fan, can you explain it to me?  Did you have some kind of traumatic brain injury when you were younger that damaged the part of your brain that senses what things suck and what things don’t?

I have never dreamed about running someone down with my car more than I have this woman.  I’ve gone so far as to ask my own insurance agent how my insurance would be affected by vehicular homicide.  It seems that with my good driving record, my rates won’t change if I run her down and even if they do, I can save money by switching to GEICO.  Either way, I win.  No.  I take that back.  We ALL win.