The Evolution of Disney

the evolution of disney

Most of the time, the internet is not a very nice place. If you spend any time on the internet, you will find people doing the worst things and you’ll see the worst that we have to offer each other from humanity. Every now and then though, you stumble across a gem that reminds you there are good and talented people out there doing good things. Like this. This is The Evolution of Disney by a guy Todrick Hall.

Todrick Hall made it to the semi-finals on American Idol back in season 9 (the one that Mt. Prospect’s own Lee DeWyze won) and since then he has been performing on Broadway and on YouTube.

He came up with this video and it’s just fantastic. Who doesn’t love Disney? No one. That’s who. This video takes us through the near complete evolution of Disney from the very beginning up through today. The video gives away which movies the songs he is singing comes from, but if you are a Disney fan, try just listening to this video without watching and see if you can identify every one of the movies in this song.

Sure to put a smile on your face today, and even more, it’s guaranteed to leave you humming at least one of these songs all day today. There are certainly worse things that can happen to you.

Todrick Hall’s The Evolution of Disney

It’s 6 minutes long, which for an internet video is the same as trying to watch Gone with the Wind, but it is well worth your time to watch the whole thing. I just loved this. Thanks Todrick for this. I love watching talented people who enjoy what they do entertain us.

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the evolution of disney