The Dan Patrick Show

We have been talking a bit too much about shows the ladies like around here lately and my estrogen levels are starting to reach a dangerous point where I might start thinking about watching a movie like this.  I can’t have that, so I need to balance out the estrogen a bit with a discussion of one of my favorite shows, personalities, sports guys, and dude of all, Dan Patrick.


If you are a guy, you know who this guy is.  If you are a guy and you don’t know who this guy is, then you must turn in your man card immediately.  If you have to turn in your man card, send it to the following address:

728 Wussyman LN.

Vaginaville, IL


They will accept your man card and send you out this pretty pink dress that you can wear to show the world your status:


Ok, I’ve insulted enough.  Back to Dan.  I changed jobs a little over a year ago and one of the unintended consequences of the job change was that I would no longer be able to watch THE DAN PATRICK SHOW.  I’m on vacation this week for the first time in over a year so I have been able to spend the last couple of days catching up with my dear friend Dan.

The show is the televised version of his radio show and if you are thinking, who would watch a radio show, you generally would be right, except in this case.  Dan is well worth watching and his crew adds to the show.

He recently made a big move from DirecTV to the NBC Network which is a huge move for the show giving it more exposure to an even wider audience of people that love him.  Dan has a perfect mixture of humor and sports knowledge coupled with great hair and a funny supporting cast that watching this show, is both entertaining and informative.  His continuing dislike of his former employer, ESPN, is a source of great humor as well since he takes shots at them every chance he gets.

They are partnered with Sports Illustrated and of of Dan’s Danette’s, @andrewperloff, is a  writer for SI so there is a lot of cross promotion that goes on, which from a guy’s standpoint, is a good thing.  Here’s Dan with Brooklyn Decker during Super Bowl week last year:


I can’t speak highly enough of this show.  Watching it on TV gives you another experience that radio can’t provide with the behind the scenes discussions that happen when they are off the air.  Some of those discussions that Dan has with his crew are the funniest parts of the show and if you only listen on radio, you wouldn’t get to hear it.

You can follow the show on Twitter to get updates on guests and additional insights in to the show and it’s also where you can go to let Dan know that his hair looks amazing.  If you tell Dan that, he will be your friend forever.